6 Reasons Why People Like Apple More Than Windows

Apple is much popular worldwide than Windows, well, at least you can know it now if it is new to you. If you want to know why and what makes Apple more popular than Windows and how Apple was able to achieve this much momentum, despite the amazing performance and individual customer service attention that Windows users enjoy, then go ahead and read on why, Mac is much powerful than Windows. Is this a performance glitch or a much lesser user friendly interface? Find out why by yourself, and read this post till the end.

Here are some reasons why Apple is famous than Windows,

Reason 1:

The excellent power management system that apple has developed for their operating system is a big plus. How this works is as follows: When you close the Apple’s MacBook Pro lid, the system falls asleep. When you open the lid, MacBook Pro wakes up. This seems to save 99% of the time and power nevertheless you get your computer running in no time.

Reason 2:

Apple still adores their power users, while Windows completely abandoned them. To know what is in Apple and what is missing in Windows are the Windows Vista Ultimate add-ons, new Power toys, podcast support in the Windows Media Player, while this do not mean the Apple has lost the game, they have their own cutting edge performance, which is completely absent in Windows.

Reason 3:

The seamless performance backed with a single SKU of Leopard makes Apple compatible to both 32- bit and 64- bit platform makes Apple a better performer than Windows, and if you are not a power user, this really doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, a home user may not know the difference but the use of the 64-bit platform will make one’s computer perform better unknowingly.

Reason 4:

Third party applications seem to integrate seamlessly very well with Apple’s operating system, which is much better than Windows operating system, in other words, Windows operating system is not much versatile and friendly with third party applications. The use of third party applications in Apple gives you a much refreshing experience.

Reason 5:

Wireless network connectivity is much easier and more user friendly with fine tuned refinements giving better accessibility than you will be getting from Windows operating system. You will find Apple has a better user-friendly interface for internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and other wireless option less complex than is in Windows.

Reason 6:

Despite Mac looking much complex and higher in price than Windows, the reality is that Mac is not rally expensive than Windows when the money of the hardware and the software components are compared or as bundled. However, this is still makes us to wonder why Mac looks expensive than Windows, however, leaving aside this illusion, you can beat Windows with Mac giving you an edge with much higher reselling prices than in Windows.

After reading all these points, you will find that many more points and reasons to justify why users prefer Mac over Windows, even if you are ready to give them Windows operating system for a much lower price or at no cost.

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  • http://about.me/ashleywilson Ashley

    @ArunWilson – കടിക്കാനിരിക്കുന്ന നായുടെ വായില്‍ കോലിട്ടു കടിപ്പിക്കരുതെന്നു ഒരു ചൊല്ലുണ്ട്… എന്നെ വിളിച്ചു വരുതിയതല്ലേ, അനുഭവിച്ചോ…

    Reason 1 -> Are you kidding me? Closing laptop lids is a configurable option in Windows, has been for more than a decade. You can choose to Shutdown/Hibernate/Sleep/DoNothing.

    Reason 2 doesn’t make much sense to me.. are you trying to say that Macs are missing features, or that it has them?

    Reason 3 -> 64 bit doesn’t speed up anything – it actually slows down most programs. The only advantage is in accessing more than 3.2GB of RAM, which is done by a very small number of high-graphics games.

    You might also want to explain what ‘SKU’ means for a non-techie audience.

    Reason 4 -> I’m not even going to bother to explain why that total BS.

    Reason 5 -> Are you comparing with Windows XP here? Otherwise, you’re wrong.

    Reason 6 -> ‘Illusion’ of higher price? Ya right. For the same price of Mac, you can get a Windows machine with at least 1.5 times the performance.


    There are areas where Macs are better than Windows (I think), but these 6 aren’t among them.

  • Ronald

    cannot agree more to ashley

    he is right

    the author is just a fan of mac or has no knowledge of windows