New Windows Live Writer 2011

New windows Live Writer  2011 beta is released . Windows Live Writer contain some more options in its new version. New live writer contain good looking theme.  Improved spelling suggestion with spelling checker , it is an important factor for blogging. New writer came with lot of emotion packs. If you want to paste something from Office products like Word, Excel etc. you can do that using Paste Special. But now this integration has improved a lot.You may choose nice formatting of a table in Word and that table can be pasted in Writer with the same formatting. Yes, this “Paste Special” option was there in Writer 2009 as well but now it has been improved a lot and you will not face much issue in that regard.


It is the best plugin for Windows live writer and must for all the bloggers who use flickr images in their blogs. If you don’t know use flickr then checkout the steps to use flickr images for your blog because flickr can drive huge traffic to your blog.

Sharper photo

Sharper photo helps you to enchance images for your articles. You can edit inserted images very easily without leaving windows live writer. It integrates with many image editors and can edit images with wasting your time.

Windows Live Writer Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+X:  Cut
  • Ctrl+C:  Copy
  • Ctrl+V:  Paste
  • Ctrl+Shift+V:  Paste Special (remove or keep formatting)
  • Ctrl+A:  Select all text
  • Ctrl+Z:  Undo
  • Ctrl+Y:  Redo
  • Ctrl+B:  Bold
  • Ctrl+I:  Italics
  • Ctrl+U:  Underline
  • Ctrl+H:  Strikethrough
  • Ctrl+S:  Save
  • Ctrl+P:  Print
  • Ctrl+N:  Create a New Post
  • Ctrl+O:  Open Drafts and Recent posts
  • Ctrl+Shift+P:  Publish post
  • Ctrl+K:  Insert hyperlink
  • Ctrl+L:  Insert image
  • Ctrl+F: Find word or phrase
  • Ctrl+Shift+C:  Set category
  • F11:  Switch to Edit view
  • F12:  Switch to  Preview view
  • Shift+F11:  Switch to Source view
  • Ctrl+F11:  Toggle theme

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