Apple Mac Book Air – Crazy Laptop

I’m really surprised when I saw Mac Book Air. It is crazy , new Apple ” Mac Book Air “. This іѕ a macintosh notebook  well known  аѕ thе “world’s thinnest computer”. Thе Mac Book Air іѕ designed by using a single sheet οf aluminum аnd Apple’s unibody technique. It contains  new technology all over it’s parts. It’s hard drive, processor, graphics, front side bus, memory, port connection, everything іѕ аn upgraded version. If anyone wаntѕ tο experience something Diffrent, іt’s the better one thе crazy ” Mac Book Air bу Apple “.

Mac Book Air contain good hardware configuration. It contain one USB port, a headphone jack, and an external monitor display port, all this placed in a fold down compartment. The USB port is difficult to connect with more large shaped USB devices from mounting. It contain an iSight camera for video conferencing and stills and records with 640 by 480 resoluton.The Mac Book Air have microphone also for voice. The Mac Book Air have a single speaker, but its much louder than the speakers on the MacBook old models. The cooling system is more advanced ,also suitable with laptop use. Most attractive thing is it’s thinness. Time of using the Air, you never feel that edge of the front wrist rest because it is that much narrow.Totally it is very very sexy one.


Processor –          1.86 Ghz intel core 2 duo and 2.13 Ghz intel core 2 duo

Memory –             2GB of 1066MHz DDR 3 SDRAM on board.

Hard Drive –       120 GB 4200 rpm Serial ATA and 120 GB solid-state Drive.

Display –                13.3 inch glossy  wide screen display.

Graphics –          NVIDIA  GeForce 9400M graphic processor with 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory.

Video –                  Built-in iSight camera

Wireless –           Built-in Airport extreme Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 2.1  and EDR Gigabit Ethernet.

Weight –              1.36 Kg.

Price –                  Rs – 60,900 for  1.86 Ghz and         Rs – 79,900 for  2.13 Ghz

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