Top Free Tools to Track and Recover Your Stolen Laptop

Laptop stolen cases increasing day by day. Imagine your laptop was stolen by someone with lot of confident data. What happen to your data ? how to recover laptop with personal photos and secure information ? Is criminals miss use your data ? Hmm.. lot of questions without proper answers. The Only solution is keep your laptop secure with you and also you can use some tracking softwares for find it. But these are not giving 100% solution.

There are certain applications that help you recover your stolen laptops and wipe out the sensitive information remotely.All this you can do only when you install those applications before stolen.

1. Prey Project

It is an open source project. Just need to download and install the software, and you need to sort out your account online as well.  It runs in the background and you don’t know it’s there, and that’s the point of it.  After installing the software and doing the necessary configuration. Read How to configure prey here

Download Prey Here

2. Locate your laptop

The LocateMyLaptop offers a service that helps you to track and monitor your laptop computer from anywhere in the world. It also offers you the ability to delete the data remotely from anywhere on your registered laptop computer, if it is ever lost or goes missing.

Download Locate Your Laptop

3. Lock it Tight

LockItTight is free service which can help to recover lost or stolen laptop. In this service you can actually track the location of your computer, and see activity going on in your lost computer.

Download Lock it Tight

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