Speech to Text Capabilities for Google Chrome 11 with the Power of HTML5

The newly released beta version of Chrome 11 came with speech-to-text capabilities that comes in the form of support for the HTML5 speech input API. With this new feature, users can click an icon and speak into the computer’s microphone, and the browser will turn the speech into text.  When a web page uses this feature, you simply click on an icon and then speak into your computer’s microphone. The recorded audio is sent to speech servers for transcription, after which the text is typed out for you.

There is also the introduction in this beta release for support of GPU-accelerated 3D CSS, feature that will enable developers to create and apply 3D CSS effects to Websites. There is no doubt the Chrome 11 is faster than the previous versions. As I am using this beta version since last few hours and the speed response is much better than Chrome 10.

Download Google Chrome 11 Beta Here

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