How Google Search Works

One of the top results of a google search on “How google search works” turned out to be pretty interesting.

“It talks of a technology called PigeonRank where Google has an army of specially trained pigeons. The pigeons have unique capabilities of identifying objects. When a google query is submitted, where a monitor flashes the result webpages in front of the pigeon groups. When a relevant website is observed by any of the pigeons, they peck on a device which records the peck count or the PigeonRank as one. The more the pecks, the better the Rank and the chances of the website coming on top of the google search results.”

This makes you say nonsense, until you find a note at the bottom of the page “This page was posted for April Fool’s Day – 2002.”

Well, jokes apart, so how does google actually works. Google has posted a very simple yet informative youtube video
This speaks how we are actually seraching the index of any website. Google has indexed a huge chunk of cyberwebpage stored across its thousands of machines. This indexing was done by their spiders which fetches a few webpages and follows links on those webpages, which in turn will have links. When we search for some particular word, google searches for the word in every index which gives thousands of webpages. Filtering the relevant pages is done by checking how many times the word appears, how important the links refering to the page are,etc. Each webpage is ranked after many such google secret calculations.

After about half a second since you typed in your search query, you get your results.

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