[Alert] ” hey, i just made a photoshop of you, check it out “, New Facebook Chat Virus

One dangerous Facebook scam is spreading very fast. If you get any chat message that is suspicious with some unidentified links, DON’T click on it.  Facebook users receive a chat message that looks quite tempting and when they click on the link they are taken to a virus page contain scam  ” hey, i just made a photoshop of you, check it out “.

Once you install this app it does not function as promised and spam the same virus message to your friends.If you have installed any Rogue Applications within your facebook profile. You must remove the rogue app by uninstalling it from your facebook profile.

How to remove Rogue Apps

– In your Facebook home page Click Account, then “Privacy Settings”.

– Then under the heading “Applications and Websites” click “Edit Settings”.

– To the right of the heading “Applications You Use” Click the “Edit Settings” button.

– Find the rogue application you want to remove in the list and click the “Delete” to delete the app

Some sample messages with virus

– haha wow, have you seen this pic you were tagged in yet? LOL

– Hey, I just made a photoshop of you

– funny, have you seen this pic you are tagged in! wow lmao

– Wow, have you seen this video you were tagged in yet?

– Hi there, i just tagged you in this pic bit.ly :D:D

– Let me know if you like it its super sexy

– Ha, Ha, Ha, have you seen the picture you were just tagged in?

– have you seen this picture of u??I have your video click here

– Have you seen this click here to find outomg haha

– have you seen this photo u got tagged in LOLHi there, i just tagged you in this pic

– Did you see how will u look like in 20 years from now? lol

– Hey, check out this girl, lol, she must be out of her mind for making that video

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