Three Things That Make a Great Auto Technician

One of two things gets you to head to an auto mechanic. One is routine tune-ups. The other is a problem that seemed small at first but has gotten much larger over time. Regardless of the situation, you need a feeling of security when you leave your four-door baby to the hands of an auto technician.

It’s not Like the Old Days

While there are some places that still try to squeeze every dollar out of you, most service shops are okay. There are two main reasons. One, technology is so advanced. Technicians need to know a great deal about the vehicles onboard computer and the diagnostic tools. Two, there’s more scrutiny applied to shops. Locations like Mile Hi Auto and others in your area are regularly audited. Not only by state and local authorities but also by regional managers. These days, customer service is extremely high on everyone’s radar.

What Makes a Great Auto Technician?

This sounds good. But you wonder how you know an auto technician is up to the tasks. Here are three things to consider. Their Certifications and Training Either their certifications are displayed proudly in the main office or are available to see when requested. Be wary if they don’t want you to see them or if the certifications are a few years old. Their Equipment This doesn’t have to be brand new. However, they must have the latest software installed for newer vehicle models. Don’t assume they do. It’s your car they’re looking at, so ask them about it. Their Ability to Explain While they shouldn’t dumb it down too much, the explanations you receive from the technician should be something you understand. Leaving you dumbfounded with too much technical jargon could mean they don’t want you to know. Overall, you have to feel comfortable with the shop and its technicians before you leave your vehicle with them. Don’t choose them because they’re less expensive. It might mean you need to repair your vehicle twice. Once with them and again with a true technician. Subaru service Denver