Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Tips for Organizing Your Garage

A garage is often overlooked space when it comes to organization and cleanliness. Some prefer it as a catch-all for tools and clutter, while others see its function as car storage. However, maximizing the square footage for both needs of storage and housing can be done with a little determination, time and the right materials. Stationary storage shelving or portable tool chests on stainless steel casters can provide the room to keep equipment, without jeopardizing where you put the vehicle.  Here are some tips for organizing your garage.

Think vertical.

Many see their wall space as the boundaries for storage units. Quite commonly, people invest in wire shelving that attaches to the wall or metal shelving that is stationary. These are good ideas but they can be quite limiting. Thinking vertically allows you to expand your storage overhead through hooks, hanging racks or loft spaces. There are many places that now offer customizable storage solutions, but there are many DIY options available too, such as a ceiling track plan that uses storage totes.

Make your storage work double duty.

If you have ever seen a Murphy bed, you will know what a neat little cleanup trick it is. Although the actual housing cabinet might not be fashionable, practicality or luxury sometimes wins the argument. You can do the same with garage storage. You can fashion a storage cabinet that can open and double a workbench, freeing up additional space for more shelving. Items can be secured to both the outer and inner surfaces and the entire unit can open to provide functionality.

Get creative with custom work.

Even if you aren’t a handyman, chances are you can follow enough instructions to do some custom work. Corner shelving will help with smaller items like car care products or cutting cardboard concrete-forming tubes creates a nifty holder for yard tools. Do some research and DIY to get the most of our your organizing effort. Sometimes you only need to look as far as your garage for the materials you need to make a difference. Nailing scrap pieces of plywood against wall studs at an angle can create a simple sliding holder for rakes, shovels or spare pieces of pipe.

Don’t be afraid to pay for what you need.

While we don’t advocate unnecessary expenses, it might be wise to invest in some heavy duty hanging hooks, storage totes, collapsible organizers or space-saving cubbies. There is no shame in investing in something you know will get the job done!