Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Freezer

Whether you have a grocery store or another business that utilizes commercial freezers, it is vital that they are maintained. If not, you could lose thousands of dollars in products if they fail. Imagine a long weekend, you are closed, and your freezer goes out. By the time you return, everything in the freezer is thawed. This can be devastating, especially for small businesses.

Clean the Condensing Unit

The condenser is one part of your freezer that must be cleaned on schedule. Normally the unit is underneath the freezer. It looks similar to a radiator. A vacuum will get rid of any accumulated dirt and dust around the condenser as well as the compressor and the fans. If you prefer, you can use a pressure washer, but most freezers are inside, and this can be messy.

The Inside of the Freezer

Of course, cleaning the inside of your freezer is important. This should be done at least once a week or more often, as needed. Items that are kept in the freezer can leak and cause problems. Even if they do not, handling, moving, and restocking can result in a dirty freezer. No one wants to buy products from freezers that appear as though they haven’t been cleaned in a while.

Check Lights and Fans

Lights and fans should be cleaned to ensure the freezer works as it is supposed to work. Sometimes obstructions result in damage to fan blades or the motor. Wire for lighting can crack or develop a short. Other wire that controls the defrost cycle can become damaged. All of these things can cause your freezer problems. This is why companies such as O-Reps offer commercial freezer parts.

In addition to checking the parts and cleaning your freezer, it is a good idea to have a certified technician perform an inspection regularly. This can be annually or more often, if you desire. Often small problems or ones that are about to happen can be spotted and repaired before they become major. This can help to protect the lifespan of your freezer and potentially save you money.