5 things you should know about solo travel

The motivation for solo travel is a reflection of changing lifestyle patterns. People seem to be more career-oriented than ever before and many enjoy the independence of making their own travel decisions; they feel empowered and liberated when seeing the world solo. I recently joined the ‘Solo Travel Society on facebook and was awestruck by some of the adventurous solo trip experiences posted by people.


1) Budget constraints:

The span of the solo trip is shorter due to budget constraints as compared to non-solo trips. The expenditure on meals, accommodations, entertainment, everything has to be chalked out and planned from before.If you are traveling alone and don’t mind staying in a hostel, then you pay per person per bed which usually is drastically cheaper. You need to be flexible with accommodation. Transportation can be much friendlier for solo travelers. When staying in hostels or guesthouses with communal kitchens you end up making friends with the other people staying, and you could sometimes cook a dinner together and set out for adventure. Traveling alone gives you more freedom to do what you want with meal time.

2) Chances of getting mugged are more:

There are people skilled in the art of theft in certain countries. You need to keep your antennas open 24 X7! Don’t get drunk or appear to be rich(even if you are). Separate your sources of cash; never all in one bag or wallet. Scan your travel documents as well as photocopying them. If possible, stop looking like a naive tourist! Get travel insurance. Everyone needs access to quality undercover clothes and concealment gear to protect themselves from such incidents.

3) You are bound to make many new travel buddies:

Solos are more approachable, safe and simple. Lone travelers learn that the benefits of this are twofold, not only will other traveler’s feel far more comfortable introducing themselves to you, but it’s actually easier for you to strike up the conversation with others as well.

4) Creativity at its peak:

When you are all alone on a mountain or sitting by the riverside, you are sure to develop poetic vibes even if you are not a born poet. You will try to keep a proper track of all the events and adventures of your trip in your little diary.

5) Engage with locals:

Local folks are more open, and definitely more curious, when it’s only you walking into that hole-in-the-wall café, or sampling the pungent flavors of that roadside food stall. They would be more welcoming and helpful towards you if you are the solo traveler, they will help you more if you are a solo traveller-in-distress! You know none of these incredible experiences would have been possible if you’d been traveling with others.

Solo trips are mostly successful and memorable as compared to group trips and bring about the great transformation in you that you have always craved for. However, you need to be fully prepared and systematic with a sound mind before you set out for your crazy solo trip.