How to ship wine to your destination

You might be thinking about shipping wine back home after a memorable trip overseas. Depending on which country you are shipping wine from, it is important to be familiar with the regulations and customs duties relating to wine shipping overseas. Some airlines only allow each passenger to carry a limited amount of wine as part of their luggage or cargo.

States have varying laws regarding the movement of wine within and across the states. However, most state regulations and restrictions affect commercial wine sellers and not private entities that occasionally ship wine across states. It is important consider state regulations when shipping wine across state.

wine shipping

If you cannot personally ship wine to your destination, consider buying wine from a merchant who can. Even merchants who cannot ship the wine for you may recommend licensed shipping companies that will deliver the wine to the intended destination. Although many wine merchants have a local focus, you can still buy wine from local ones and ship it overseas or across state to your friends and family.

Even with a proper shipping case, shipping wine is a delicate matter because wine requires certain packaging standards and temperature levels during storage. Make sure the company you choose to ship your wine meets all the required standards for shipping wine.

How to Calculate Freight Cost per Case Shipped

Wine shipping rates are as varied as the laws regulating wine shipping. However, you may get a discount if you ship wine regularly or ship a significant amount of wine. Before you select a company to ship your wine, shop around and consider the cost, drop off points, and damaged or stolen goods policy of the shipping companies.

Keep all the documents related to your shipping until the wine arrives safely at the intended destination. If you are a wine merchant, the records can help you determine if your shipping expenses are making deep inroads on your profits. Simply multiply your shipping costs by the number of shipments in a certain period to determine your total shipping costs for that period. Add the total shipment costs to other expenses incurred during the period. You can determine your profits by subtracting total expenditure from the sales during the period.

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