Why Manufacturers View Aluminum as the Miracle Metal

Aluminum is a metal that has revolutionized the machining process. A die casting manufacturer would likely use aluminum over other materials to produce products. There are a lot of reasons for this.

Aluminum has been used in the aerospace industry for more than 50 years. Now other industries are turning to what has been dubbed by many as the ‘miracle metal.’ Large automobile companies have designed some of their flagship vehicle does with a 100 percent aluminum body. There are even computers that are being created with aluminum casings. Aluminum has found its way into the transport industry. But the question is, why are so many fields turning to aluminum as the metal of choice?


Aluminum has all of the qualities that a manufacturer wants from metal. First, it is extremely strong. Second, it is a very light. Third, it is malleable, and so it is easy to fabricate into cast or other extrusions. Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. And it can be adhered to other products and other metals via joint welding or by using adhesive bond and mechanical methods.

Another factor that makes aluminum attractive is that it can be painted. A large number of finishes can be applied to aluminum that can enhance its appearance and its corrosion resistance.

Copper used to be the metal of choice for conducting electricity. But it has been proven that aluminum is an even better conductor of electricity. It can conduct more electricity than copper for about a quarter of the price of copper. Another beautiful quality of aluminum is that it can be recycled over and over again. And when aluminum is recycled, it does not lose any of its quality.

Really, when manufacturers look at the metals they are going to use in producing products, they focus on one thing, and that is how much money they can save or make by using said product. Automobile manufacturers see money savings in aluminum simply for the fact that aluminum is lighter than other metals. A popular automobile manufacturer will release its newest pickup truck with an aluminum body. This means that the pickup truck will be 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. This in turn makes the truck more energy efficient, improves the appeal of the product to customers, and in turn generates more revenue for the automobile manufacturer.

Aluminum is truly a miracle metal. It is revolutionizing the way that many products are designed and distributed.