Questions to Ask Before Shipping Your Motorcycle

If you’re like most motorcycle enthusiasts, your bike is almost like your baby. You probably have a cover that you put over it to keep the bike safe from the elements, or you may even make room to store it in your garage. When you need to move to a new city or state, you may worry about how to get your bike from Point A to Point B. While there are a few companies that specialize in motorcycle transport, you’ll want to ask a few questions before hiring that company to move and ship your bike.


How Will You Ship the Bike?

Shipping companies use different methods to ship motorcycles and recreation vehicles. The worst companies are those that send a driver out to drive your car to your new home. That leaves your bike susceptible to damage on the open road, including scratches from trees and wrecks caused by other drivers on the road. The best companies are those that will ship your bike by railroad, moving truck or another sealed container. They will tie down the bike inside the shipping container to keep it from moving too.

Will You Keep Me Updated?

Whether you want to move a jet-ski, a Harley Davidson, a vintage Indian or an ATV, you want to work with a company that will keep you updated during the move. Between unpacking, setting up your utilities and checking out your new neighborhood, you don’t want to worry about the transportation of your bike. The best motorcycle moving companies are those that agree to keep you updated from the time your bike leaves to the moment it arrives on your new doorstep. These companies will let you know where the motorcycle is every day and whether the movers encountered any delays.

What Type of Insurance Do You Have?

Never sign a contract with a moving company until you verify that it has insurance that will cover your bike during its big move. This insurance should kick in to cover any damage sustained during the shipping process, including chipped paint or minor scratches that might occur because of the tie downs used. If your bike arrives with any damage, you can contact the company, file a claim and get a check that pays for that damage. Make sure the motorcycle moving company you choose will ship it the right way, keep you updated and has insurance.

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