Social Media Trends for 2015

Social Media Trend

In 2014, the mobile market skyrocketed and more people were active on Twitter during TV shows than ever before. This year has seen its own trends, too.

1. PowerPoint specialists will be happy to know that slideshow presentations are gaining in popularity once again. Platforms like Slideshare make it easy to share presentations with an audience, which is one of the trendiest way to add visuals to your marketing.

2. Paid advertising is required if you want to be noticed on Facebook. This is unfortunate for brands with small marketing budgets, but it’s good news for people who want the most bang for their buck. If you don’t mind investing $30 or more per month in Facebook, your posts can really make an impact on your audience.

3. Social shopping may become a widespread trend soon. Both Facebook and Twitter have experimented with “Buy” buttons in posts, which would make it easy for customers to make a purchase straight from social media.

4. Videos have been popular for a long time, but video blogging, called “vlogging” is more popular than ever. Both big and small brands are using this tactic to create content for their website. It’s a great way to give advice, conduct tutorials and tell your brand story. For some businesses, video blogging is replacing traditional blogging.

By knowing what’s coming up in the world of social media, you can get your strategies ready sooner than later.