Are You a Small Commercial Building Owner? Top Tips for Maintenance

Owning a small commercial building can be a great way to put your capital to work, and if you manage to rent out all of the space, you could be making a hefty profit each month. However, along with that profit comes some cost, mostly in the form of maintenance for your tenants.

This maintenance also helps to keep your investment in top shape though, and many small problems that can occur in a commercial building can turn into large ones if you don’t deal with them right away. Use this guide to help you maintain your building the right way so you can spend as little as possible on repairs and reap the profits.


Maintain Exteriors

The exterior of your building is hugely important for finding tenants and keeping them happy. After all, their clients see the building too, and nobody wants to invite paying customers or clients to an office that looks shabby.

That’s why you need to have somebody inspect the outside of your building regularly for any damage or unsightly looking areas. This really should be done weekly.

Check for Water Damage

Water damage is perhaps the most costly problem small commercial building owners face. In colder climates, one major problem is steam that comes from steam pumps that aren’t working correctly.

Have somebody check those regularly, as well as any hot water heaters in the building. You’ll also want to check the outside of the building and any sinks and toilet fixtures to keep water damage at bay.

If you don’t inspect for water damage regularly you could pay the price.

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