5 Don’ts for Marketing on Facebook

You are aware that Facebook should be part of your social media strategy. However, you’re not entirely sure how to start using your Facebook page for your business. First, learn what not to do. Avoid rookie mistakes by keeping the following five tips in mind.


1. Don’t ignore Facebook’s built-in analytics. Online insights let you know how often to post and when you should be putting content online. By taking the information gained from analytics, you can reach more of your audience with just a single post.

2. Don’t spam your own page. Think this is impossible? It’s not. When you post the same information or wording over and over, you’re spamming your very own Facebook page. Mix up the type of content you post. Include a good combination of visual content, quotes, and links to interesting articles. Ask questions to get insight from your audience, too. Whatever you post, it should include personality, not cookie cutter content.

3. Don’t only rely on numbers to figure out how successful you are. Yes, there are some accounts that have thousands of followers. That’s not an indication of success, though. How many of those fans are high quality followers? Quality beats quantity when it comes to social media. Instead of only looking at how many people like your page, look at the real success measurements, like engagement, reach, and conversions. A simple “like” doesn’t equal an actual connection.

4. Don’t automate everything. Schedule content ahead of time, but then make actual time to engage with your fans in real time. When you automate each and every thing, you miss opportunities to genuinely connect with potential customers.

5. Don’t use Facebook as your one and only social media marketing platform. Facebook should be combined with other online marketing tactics. Spend time on other social media platforms as well as niche sites. Pick another two platforms to play around with and find out if they’re useful for your business.

Facebook may not be the best option for your business. However, since so many people and brands have a Facebook account setup, they’ll expect you to do the same. If you find out that Facebook isn’t doing a lot for your business, consider keeping your page active and updated, but spend more time on other, more important sites.

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