A Solution for Your Unwanted Inventory

Manufacturers have a good way of generating extra cash, and it is only a phone call away. If you have a large inventory of parts used to build your company’s product, you may be able to sell these parts to a broker and get the cash your business needs today.

A good example of this is an electronic manufacturer that uses a range of electronic components to assemble a finished product. If demand for one or more of your products has dropped, it is easy to accumulate extra inventory that will take months or even years to use. However, you can sell the extra inventory to a broker who will make you a cash offer. This will free up your factory to produce another product.


If you are an electronic component manufacturer, you may find that you have overbuilt a particular component, or perhaps you had one of your customers cancel a project that used your components. In either case, it is easy to get stuck with too much inventory, but it is also just as easy to sell it to a parts broker.

Along with making a cash offer for your excess inventory, this type of broker may offer to sell your inventory on consignment. You will only get paid for what the broker sells, but you will most likely get a better price per unit sold.

There are many excess inventory brokers that are found throughout the nation, and all of the good ones will offer to buy or sell on consignment. One example of this type of broker is Getspares. You can learn more at their website.

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