Dealer Insurance to Make Open Lots Possible

When you drive by a car dealership, you might think to yourself, “What happens if a hail storm comes by and dings up all of these cars?” You’re not alone in this thought. Car dealers often have the same thought. When a dealer puts his cars out onto an open lot, he’s doing a lot of advertising. He’s also taking on significant risk. A weather event can cause problems, and vandalism is a concern in each of these situations. This is where dealer insurance comes in very handy.


This type of insurance is relatively simple. Good companies like Risk Point provide dealers with many different types of protection from these kinds of dangers. They provide an insurance policy that will cover various types of damage that might occur when a dealer decides to have an open lot. It’s this sort of insurance that makes open lots possible in the first place.

Filing an insurance claim after the fact is one thing. A more important task is preventing loss on the front end. Good companies are in the business of helping car dealers avoid loss in the first place. They work closely with dealers to come up with plans to reduce the potential risk to vehicles when they’re out on a lot. In many cases, it will be impossible to protect vehicles from damage. Good car dealers know, however, that there are lots of times when they can reduce the damage. Good dealership insurance providers work to ensure that this will easier for dealers.

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