Use of Home Patrol Scanners

BearCat Warehouse offers a wide variety of scanners, two way radios; weather alerts radios, radar detectors and VHF Marine radios, as well as accessories. All radios and accessories are stocked in the BearCat warehouse, and the inventory is updated regularly. offers HomePatrol scanners as part of their scanner line. The Home Patrol system allows scanner owners to enter the zip code of the city or town, and the scanner will track radio transmissions in that area. Communications by public safety officials, weather spotters, aircraft and military installations and aircraft can all be heard on the radio. The system is equipped with 4 gigabytes of memory and a playback system that records transmissions for later review.


The scanner unit is ideal for use at home or in a vehicle. The scanner can be connected to the radio speakers and allows the owner to keep track of all transmissions in their desired geographical location while on the go. The scanner also includes a GPS system to provide accurate locations.

The Home Patrol unit is user friendly and utilizes touch screen technology. The operation and use of the unit does not involve programming numbers or cities into the system. There is a menu containing the list of radio services and choosing the desired service is as easy scrolling through the menu and making a choice. The Home Patrol unit will pick up any open two-way radio transmission. Home Patrol also allows for hierarchy tuning. That means the user can set the unit to just monitor certain transmissions such as fire, police or ambulances, or certain transmissions from a certain city or town. The unit is capable of manually adding frequencies not found in the database. This gives the unit incredible versatility and latitude while in operation.

Channels can be locked into place with the touch of a button to hold that conversation or a channel can be added to a favorites list for future listening. The Home Patrol is ideal for keeping track of weather conditions, especially if on the road and the effects of storm related incidents such as power outages. The unit is equipped for battery use making the scanner portable.

The software included with the unit is subject to weekly updates to assure the radio owner of always having the latest information and software. The updates are transferred from the Home Patrol website via a PC and USB connection. The unit also has headset jack capabilities for private listening.