How to Get a Good Deal on a Car

If you are in the market for a new car and you have told anyone that you know about it, they probably told you to make sure that you negotiated to get a good price. This is the first thing that most people say about shopping for a new car because they always hear about how dealers put the prices way too high. Getting a fair price is important, and you need to know how to negotiate. If you do it correctly and use all of the tools that you have at your disposal, you should have no problem finding a good deal.

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Use the Company’s Own Site

Many car companies will have a “Build and Price” option on their website. The first step should be to go on there and build the vehicle that you would want. Put in all of the options that you are after, like keyless entry, leather seats, and the like. Build the car to your specs and then look at what the price is listed as. Using this as a base, you know what you should pay, so you can easily see at the dealership, when you look at the car in person, if the dealer added a few thousand extra.

Look at Sale Prices

You also want to look at the prices that other people have paid when they bought cars like yours. For example, you could use the True Car iTunes app. This will help you look at these other final sale prices. You can then compare it to what your dealer is offering you for the same vehicle, and you can see if everything is in line. If not, you know that they are trying to charge you more than it is worth.

If you are not good at negotiating yourself, this is a powerful tool for you to use. It basically makes it so that you can print off proof of what someone else paid, someone who was good at negotiating, that no one can dispute. You are then using all the work that they did in your own favor. The dealer is not going to be able to tell you that you are asking for an impossible price – as they will sometimes do – because you know that it is not impossible. You have proof of that fact in black and white. You should at least be able to get that price on your car.

Introduce Discounts at the End

Do you have a $500 rebate or access to employee pricing? You do not want to start with that when you get to the dealership. Make them offer you the car for a set price first. If you are ordering it, build the whole thing on paper. Then tell them about your discounts. This way, you know that they are actually adding the discount to the price. If you start with it, some dealers will just add in costs elsewhere to make up for it, making you think that you got a good deal when you really paid the same amount.

Playing the Game

Buying a new car is a game, and you need to know how to play before you start. The best way to go about it is to start researching what other people have already paid. 


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