Hyundai Verna- Featuring the Hyundai’s new Fluidic Design!

Initially introduced as Hyundai Accent, Verna was later upgraded and redesigned in the year 2003. The facelifted Verna had more angular body with increased dimensions. Hyundai Verna is one of the highly sold cars in India in the sedan car segment and is rumored to come equipped with a reverse camera features as its common feature. This is highly possible in such a tech based environment. Hyundai has inducted this feature in Verna which has made this car a class apart and also made its stand out in the sedan car segment. To know more about this stunning car you can log in to and obtain its full specs in a detailed manner.


Verna has been greatly inspired by the concept of large on inside, compact on outside. Its exteriors are neat and have a well- symmetrical looks. The front end is well integrated with moderate flared wheel arches which gives the car a sporty look.

The fog lamps are very efficient and elegantly placed. The exterior mirrors can be operated electrically. The high mounted stop lamp can be clearly seen through its back screen. The reverse camera in Verna affixed inside exhibits the rear view each time the reverse gear is plugged in. This helps the driver to judge the motion while reversing the car.

This is an extremely useful feature for the driver that helps is safe driving as reversing the car need a clear view and is a bit difficult too. Also, it works well in areas where cars are parked in tight and hard format, in such a scenario, the reverse camera feature is much more efficient than the reverse sensor feature which in comes equipped in rest of C segment cars.

It has gauge cluster boasts and green LED lit instruments and a sturdy door map pockets which can be used to keep maps, beverages, mobile phone and any other accessories required while driving. The storage tray was a smart move as it can be used for keeping snacks and other small basic essentialists. Verna comes with a three way nozzle along with efficient wipers to provide a clear view for the driver. The tilt option in its power steering greatly minimizes the effort for the driver, making the drive very smooth. It also helps in getting good control over the vehicle.
Verna is also equipped with a fully automatic temperature control System which makes the passengers feel very comfortable. The car also has special air bag and leather option. One can enjoy complete silence and calmness inside while it is in motion. Verna’s anti-lock brakes help in keeping the car on-line. Its mounted seat belt which can be adjusted makes everyone feel very comfortable.

Verna has proven as a good value for money. The car has different price range depending upon the features. So if you think this car is worth your taste you can go to the above stated site for further assistance in areas like price, engine specs, accessories and likewise.

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