How will the next iPhone affect gaming?

Apple are a company who are notoriously tight lipped about new products and designs. But the latest rumour is that the iPhone 5s (or iPhone 6, you never know) will be released in June 2013. It will be interesting to see how Apple can improve on its predecessor with the new iPhone. One rumoured and much anticipated feature of the new iPhone is wireless charging.

It has been rumoured that Apple filed a patent application for WPU which stands for Wireless Power Utilization. This is a charging system that allows you to charge wirelessly. Some think that the 5s may include a dual SIM phone. Apparently the new iPhone will have a Super HD display and camera to improve on the iPhone 5. Gaming enthusiasts will be greatly interested in the features of the new iPhone, as the iPhone 5 was a huge success in terms of compatibility and ease of use.
The excellent image resolution and fast processor in the iPhone 5 allowed for very realistic and smooth graphics when gaming. When the iPhone 5 was released, there was a surge in popularity of wagers being placed within mobile casinos. Due to the popularity of iPhones and the continuing improvements and quality control when it comes to their apps, companies like Lucky Nugget created apps optimised especially for the iPhone, as Apple do not support Flash which was used for a lot of the online, browser based casino’s. you can find some slots games in if you want to see what your phone can handle. Online casino’s became very popular over the last decade, and the availability of the games on smartphones is proving to be just as popular. You can download apps directly to your phone and enjoy the games from anywhere.
Will the new iPhone bring improvements to mobile gaming? Time will tell.

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