How to Get Back Old Facebook Chat Style

Facebook recently updated many features like video call, group chat and now Facebook has introduced a new chat sidebar which has been annoying users. Many Peoples asking me about ” How to disable new Facebook chat “. Now I got one effective solution for this question. Using this trick  you can easily remove new chat bar and revert back to the old Facebook chat. You just need to install a script in your browser.

For Google Chrome Browser Users

You just need to install one chrome extensions called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion.

1. Go to this page and just click on the ‘Install’ button.

2. After Installing, restart your browser and check. Now you can see online friends and scroll bar.

For Mozilla Firefox Browser Users

For Firefox, you need to install Grease Monkey Add-on before installing the ‘Facebook-Chat-enhancer’ script.

1. Go to this page and Install Grease Monkey Add-on.

2. After that install Facebook-Chat-enhancer script from here.

3. Restart your browser and check.

This trick is working fine for me, if any problem feel free to contact us.

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