All new CHEVROLET beat Diesel

Chevrolet has introduced new diesel version of the existing model BEAT. Seeing the big market of diesel in India Chevrolet finally decided to hold the market. The all new BEAT Diesel with 1.0XSDE SMARTECH CRDI hatch back is exclusively made for India. In the same class competition this will be match for Maruti and Ford. Company is demanding an 24kpl mileage for the vehicle in standard test condition, which for sure 20kmpl will be achievable in any condition. Company also says that, Engine is equipped with Launch Support Logic which assists the driver to launch the car effortlessly on slopes.

The main attraction of the car is its head lamps the wide big head lamps, the twin barrel designed lamps covering a large area from front fascia to back hood. Not only this giving an impressive look but also very good vision. The front fog lamps are also very big enough to match with the headlamps. The rear doo handles is another attraction of this hatchback. Recessed Rear Door Handles gives sporty look to the vehicle. May be the roof rails is little embarrassing but a little sporty unique look is added. The side profile of the car is really stunning with crisp lines.

Now get inside the vehicle. The steering is 3 slotted Chevrolets standard steering, and also it can tilted to any position according to the convenience of the driver. Next attraction of the interior quality is its unique instrument cluster. The analog speedometer is LED assisted in background. And the tachometer is fully digital as u can see. The blue LED is giving a luxurious look to the vehicle. The central console panel is made so simple and easy to handle. In the bottom we can see graphic display for AC controls. And the sound system looks attractive too, CD player with MP3, USB and Aux in. The automatic climate control gives comfort driving and journey for car insiders. The power window button for the car is provided in the inner door handle of the driver seat. From which all windows can be controlled too. The rear view mirror of the car can be internally adjusted accordingly.

Then superior safety measures have been taken for the passengers and drivers also. The cars 60% of parts are constructed with high strength steels. The ABS and Dual Air bags are added safety. A wider profile tire gives good road grip and improved fuel efficiency. The car is available is available in 9 colors. The price of the car is expecting to be around Rs. 4 Lakhs on road.
The car is available in 3 variants

Chevrolet Beat PS – Base Model

Chevrolet Beat LS – Middle Variant

Chevrolet Beat LT – Top Model


Engine : 3 cylinder 936cc

Power output : 58.5PS

Torque : 150Nm

Transmission : 5-Speed manual

Lx W x H : 3640 x 1595 x 1520

Wheel : 14 x 4.5J Steel / (Alloy# on LT Option)

Tire : 165/65 R14 Tubeless
Brakes : Front-disc, Rear-drum

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