How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook has become one of the most popular social network that providing good services for users. This popularity to gain and attract more people to join Facebook,  also people want to misuse the services of Facebook. The main misuse going on Facebook account by hacking our password.If you want to open a Facebook account or have already become a Facebook user, try below stepsto secure your Facebook account.

Security Tips For Your Facebook Account

Setup Login Notifications

  • Go to account settings -> account security. It will add an extra protection on your Facebook account. It means you want to login to your Facebook account in new PC, there will another page that appear to ask you to give a name the computer that you are using to login into your Facebook account.You will get sms alert regarding account login. In account security you can see your login informations.

  • New computer registration window

Use remote Logout Feature

  • Logging out is an important factor. If you forgot to logout from friend’s computer or office,  you can use this feature for remote logout. In account activity you can see currently active logins. You can logout unwanted login from here.

Keep Account Security Informations Up to Date

  • Keep your Facebook account information securely including your email that you usually use to login to your Facebook account. Change your password frequently to prevent from hacking password or phishing. Update you security question and make it more difficult to find. Also update mobile number and secondary email address.

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