” My Facebook Account Got Hacked ” Who is Responsible ?

I think many of you are using Facebook and you have a Facebook account. Here we are going to discuss about Facebook security. How to keep your Facebook account safe and secure against account hacks. Some of my friends discussed me about Facebook security. They told me Facebook is not secure and very easy to hack, also sent messages to all my friends, Facebook is this, Facebook is that. In these cases most of the people are wrong and they got hacked because of there is no proper security settings they did. Not something wrong from Facebook.

Most popular way to Hack Facebook Account

If you are using any dirty apps and allowed them to access your datas any time ? It means they can access your personal details, you have already compromised your Facebook account. Apps are the most popular way used by hacker to gain access to your information and make it easier for them to hack your account.

Solution would be not to use any apps. If you still want to use apps check its rating and reviews before using it. Most importantly remove apps you are not using for a long time. If any application is asking you to enter any additional information like user ID and Password, do not enter. Don’t install that app.

Second thing is, If you get any unknown email requesting you to change your passwords or any information delete those mails immediately. These mails are trying phishing your account.

Ways to Protect Your Facebook Account

Don’t use any dirty apps – They can access your personal details any time.

Setup Login alert for your account – Go to your account settings -> Security – Setup Login Alerts.

Browse using a secure connection – Use ” HTTPS ” connection for browsing in  public wifi and internet.

Log out of Facebook remotely – If you forgot to logout Facebook from another computer,  Logout from Account settings -> Account Security -> Most recent activity

Download a copy of your information – Take a backup of your complete account. It will help you to keep your valuable information secure.

If you’re a Facebook user and want to keep up on the latest threats and security news why don’t you join the CyberVally Facebook page?

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