How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Normally our laptop have battery life of 2 year. If you don’t take care of battery the life of battery will reduce from 2 year . Here are some important tips for increase the life of laptop battery. How do you keep your battery going for as long as possible?

  • Don’t charge your laptop constantly. Specially the overcharging of battery degrades its performance.
  • Create better power plan with power management tool inside your OS.
  • Keep your laptop battery cool. Batteries degrade more quickly when they’re hot.Don’t put your laptop on a pillow or a cushioned surface that will keep heat inside.
  • Once in month discharge the full battery and plug in laptop for full charge.
  • Adding more RAM will consume more energy, so this is most applicable if you do need to run memory intensive programs which actually require heavy usage of virtual memory.
  • If you have a consistent power supply you can apply this trick, remove your battery from laptop and work on AC power.
  • Clean your battery’s metal contacts every couple of months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.  This keeps the transfer of power from your battery more efficient.
  • Hibernate your laptop than putting in stand-by mode.It saving more power than stand-by.Hibernating a PC will actually save your PC’s state as it is, and completely shut itself down.
  • Remove the laptop battery if you’re not using the laptop for a long time ( above 5 days )

I think it is very useful for you. Share your comments about it in the comments box below 🙂

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