What Is Google TV ?

Google TV is a amazing new generation television system. It means all entertainment in TV. It combines TV, DVR and the Internet into one system. The installation will be extremely easy, you can add a simple Google TV box to your existing TV. It also come with pre-installed in some TV brands like sony.

How Does Google TV Works ?

Google TV is an combination of three things: TV, DVR recordings and the entire internet. On the same screen while watching TV, you can search for the TV guides of the channel and other broadcast information without leaving the TV screen.

It is integrated with web browser , it means you can browse videos from internet and watch it on google TV. You can browse the web or open an app and watch TV on the same screen. Check your fantasy cricket stats while watching the game, check your facebook during live cricket. You can access your pictures online, access online music, online games and Android Apps too on the Google TV.

Watch Following video for more about google TV