Make Simple Home Surveillance System Using iSpy

iSpy is a open source software that will help you to build simple surveillance system using your webcam and microphone. You can use this system for monitor your surrounding through iSpy. It can detect movement and sound, and provide alerts or record the captured audio/video. The sensitivity of the motion/sound sensors can be adjusted.

iSpy have ability of handling one or more cameras at a time. iSpy can act as server to publish your webcam to other instances of iSpy. You can also change settings inside the software with respect your use. Alerts can be sent to you over email or SMS. You can also setup iSpy to send periodic snapshots from webcam over email. You can also watch live/recorded streams from the webcam. I think you will not get any free software having this much features. It also support Windows 7 , iOS and android.

Download iSpy here.