API 570 Training Course

If you are wanting to further your career, invest in your future, and receive your API 570 training course Houston area, there are excellent classes available. You not only learn about the Application Programming Interface (API) set of defined methods of communication between various software components with their definitions, tools, and protocols for building application software, but you are also prepared for the exam that will lead to your certification.

The course features an online portion combined with classroom participation so that students can learn all facets of the industry. There are five weeks of “Pre-Course Home Study” and five days of “Classroom” instructor training.

The “Home Study” includes two weeks of the four weeks learning the API 570 Piping Inspection Code book because approximately 53 percent of the Examination comes from that book. There are daily structured reading plans, flash cards, and end-of-chapter questions.

The instructor “Classroom” portion consists of four days of real-world examples, explaining the complicated subject matter, and answering any questions you may have regarding the exam. There is one day of taking exams that resemble the closed and open book exams that will be given during the API 570 Certification Exam.

Lockhart Training Services offers this necessary extensive training to aid you in passing the examination to earn different API certifications, and they make it convenient by offering it in Houston, Texas as well as in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The coming course dates for API 570 in Houston are February 15-19 and June 21-25, 2018. Classes begin at 7:30 a.m., and end between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The courses are taught and written by instructors with over 35 years of experience in quality assurance and control. They hold several certifications including the very API certifications that they teach. If additional time is necessary, tutors are provided at no additional cost to give individual one-on-one sessions at the end of each class in order to assure that each student understands the covered material.

Classes will be held at the Comfort Suites, 902 South 8th Street in La Porte, and a special rate of $84.00 per night is given to students, which includes breakfast.

You are welcome to contact Lockhart Training Services to learn more details and to register for their outstanding classes.