Who Brought Modern Computing to the World

There’s no arguing the fact International Business Machines, commonly known as IBM, was the organization which brought modern computing to the world in the mid to late 20th century. Long before Steve Jobs started building computers in his garage, IBM developed maintained numerous program languages, like COBOL, and applications, such as AS/400 which are still used by many companies even in these days of multiprocessors and high speed Internet. However, despite the strength of these products, companies are looking for a solution to migrate data out of these areas into newer OS like Windows or Unix.

This is where IT migration companies shine. It’s the job of companies like Infinite Corporation to institute IBM I modernization for apps like AS/400 with a minimum of downtime and data degradation. These modernization organizations don’t give away their secrets on how this migration takes place. Nevertheless, they perform hundreds, if not thousands, of these conversations on a regular basis.

Modern Computing

Companies with a heavy presence of Windows devices can convert AS/400 and COBOL products into standard apps with drop-down menus and icons. Modernization companies can even take green screen based apps like AS/400 and convert them for graphic user interfaces. Those looking for the faster processing time provided by Unix or Linux can have their IBM I environments converted for use with C or shell scripts. And for those with neither environment, modernization groups can convert IBM I applications and programming languages into data stored in the ever-growing Cloud environment.

While modernization sounds great it’s the support level which comes with it that determines what a corporation does. Companies that handle these types of transitions offer extensive support packages for all levels of operation. For example, some companies may only need operational support during standard working hours while others require 24/365 coverage to handle their unending operations. Regardless of the support level, modernization organizations provide immediate service in situations where failures cause a loss of service to customers or monetary value to the company.

Conversation of COBOL and AS/400 to current operating systems takes time and money, so make sure to thoroughly research all modernization organizations before making this significant change.

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