A Fabulous, Supers Fast MAC Video Converter

Movavi MAC video converter is the fastest music and movie converter available in the market. Converting a video into a format suitable for the Smartphone’s and the DVD is not an easy job. Each DVD, Smartphone and electronic gadget supports a different kind of video format. No single format fits all the gadgets. The quality of the video is highly compromised whey they are converted into other formats. The resolution, audio and the size gets abnormal. Movavi video converter for MAC comes as a solution to such issues. Movavi is trusted worldwide by millions of users including reputed companies like the Microsoft and Coca-Cola. This video converter will cater all the video editing and converting needs with pin point accuracy.

Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Super Fast Video Converter

Whether you want to convert one single file or a group or videos into various formats, it can be done within minutes using the Movavi video converter for MAC. This video converter supports over 180 formats of video. The format conversion process gives importance to preserving the best resolution and highest quality of the video. The most notable feature of this MAC video converter is its presets. There are in-built presets for all the electronic devices in the market starting from Smartphone to tablets. Just select the name of the device and the video in the MAC computer is transformed to a format compatible to the selected device. The customer can create their own presets too by specifying the resolution and providing details like frame rate and bitrates. The video conversion happens in blitzkrieg speed without interfering with the other activities of the MAC computer, slowing them down.

Enhanced Features

Movavi video converter for MAC comes loaded with several video editing features. 2D and 3D videos can be edited easily using the user-friendly interface of the software. A video can be cropped, trimmed and mixed with alternate audio. A specific part of the video can be frozen, rotated, cut or edited. You can simply make your own photo appear in the background of your favorite fight seen or music video using this MAC video converter. The editing changes made will not be lost while converting the video into various formats. Various types of audio gimmicks can be done using the converter. Whether you want to adjust the brightness and contrast or use auto filters, there are easy one click buttons to get the action done.

The volume of an audio file can be increased or decreased, made to sound different and remixed. Up to 16 different track amendments can be saved for one audio file. Cropping the audio is far easier than the normal converters with Movavi MAC video converter. Movavi MAC video converter suite provides you the best platform for professional audio and video editing. It can be used for editing huge quantity of files as well as simple homemade videos and converting them into the required format. And the best part is you can do this all in just few minutes. This audio cum video converter already has over 8 million users worldwide.