10 Best Features of Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle is the only tablet that is a tablet cum eBook reader. The 3rd generation of Kindle is available for a price of just $139, and Amazon has also released Wi-Fi + 3G edition for an extra price of $50. Most of the people while comparing Amazon Kindle with iPad 2, forget the fact about their price details and still continue to compare. As per our test, Kindle WiFi connectivity works find and it’s not that bad in performance when compared to iPad, but few top websites have mislead the people showing the WiFi reason and few other elements. Everybody is aware of its features like 50 percent better contrast ratio, longer battery life, wide and animated color touchscreen with extra wide viewing angle, which are found in iPads, but we’ve listed out 10 Best features of Kindle 3 you might not be aware of it. 

  • Microphone: It has a microphone, but as per the owner’s manual this feature is presently disabled. But we wonder in future what it will really be used for? Will they use it for dictating notes? We have to wait until the hackers dig in to this feature and release a new update!
  • It has another feature called Free PDF document delivery- This feature is meant to be used to email a PDF to your Kindle, but it is recommended to avoid sending mails from your 3G as it’d pinch your pockets; the only other way is to use Wi-Fi for downloading.
  • Wi-Fi Audible Delivery: The Kindle is featured with this special feature where you can transfer audio books to your Kindle Fire without the use of computer. Another feature is that it can shut off the 3G facility as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi.
  • PDF- Enhancements: The present of version of PDF reader will now come with 6 contrast settings, and also a cursor can be showed on the screen to highlight the letters.
  • Web Browser Enhancements: This new browser in Kindle 3 can zoom the page and fit the page width to the device and it can even display the webpage in actual size. It also has a “text-only” mode, which reminds you the days of using 28.8k modems.
  • Download Monitoring: This tool allows the users who are not ready to watch their online books download in real-time.
  • It has time settings option which allows you to set the time manually, which is more convenient when you are not under 3G Coverage areas.
  • The header of the book automatically hides, allowing a small space for displaying the text, which can be handy on many occasions, just like a memo-pad.
  • Dictionaries: It is loaded with the new Oxford American Dictionary along with the English Oxford Dictionary, which provides international support.
  • Alt-Del Combo: Allows you to delete the entire line at one go!

The new Kindle Fire 3 is loaded with audio & power controls as well as misc. ports, which are located just behind the microphone. If price is the main concern, iPad 2 wouldn’t surely be the right option for you, and these cool features of Kindle Fire might just push you to buy this cool tablet cum e-reader.

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  1. Really useful device than iPad because you like only book reading then Kindle Fire can be good and cost effective way. It is easy to operate and carry. Thanks for this valuable post.