How to Bring SMS and Call Option to iPad 3G using PhoneItiPad

Now iPad 3G users are able to make phone calls, and send SMS Text messages from your iPad 3G by using a new jailbreak tweak is PhoneItiPad in Cydia. iPhoneIslam has developed this application for iPad. PhoneItiPad is available at a price of $19.99 USD. You should note that this will not work with iOS 5. Now follow the steps posted below to set up PhoneItiPad to make calls and send SMS from your iPad 3G.

How to Set up PhoneItiPad

Step 1: First locate your Serial Number from System > General > About. This is your unique mobile identifier, which you’ll later need to set up PhoneItiPad.

Step 2: Go to this link and Purchase PhoneItiPad. Insert your Serial Number when requested.

Step 3: Start up Cydia and add the following repository

Step 4: locate the “PhoneItiPad” and install it.

Yep you done!, now you should be able to make calls and send SMS messages, as showcased on the original PhoneItiPad Cydia tweak in action.


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