Apple iPod nano – Sixth Generation

Apple launched new generation apple nano for iPod lovers. iPod nano with the most notable being the changes made to the 6th generation iPod nano. There are a lot of new features added and some removed.  It looks very similar to an iPod shuffle, very little difference in size with little multitouch screen to boot. May be Applehas decided to drop video from its device because its screen is too small to enjoy video playback properly.

Features :

  • Playlists: A list of all your iTunes playlists. Swipe down and you can add, edit playlists.
  • Now Playing: Brings up current song being played and playback controls.
  • Artists: Scroll list of artists.
  • Genius Mixes: If enabled in iTunes, you’ll find a list of mixes created for you by iTunes.
  • Radio: FM Radio
  • Podcasts: List of subscribed podcasts.
  • Photos: Yes, you can view your photos on this super small display.
  • Settings: An assortment of settings.
  • Songs: Browse list of songs.
  • Albums: Browse list of albums.
  • Genres: Browse list of your music based on genre.
  • Composers: Browse list of your music based on composer.
  • Fitness: A built-in pedometer. Allows you to upload information to Nike, set goals or pair it with a Nike + running shoes.
  • Clock: A great looking clock that has spawned a slew of iPod nano watch bands. Our advice: buy a Timex.

Disadvantages :

  • No video recording
  • No On-The-Go playlist
  • Sleep/Wake button requires two hands
  • No way to browse artist from playback screen
  • Multi-touch makes navigating clumsy. Loss of one hand navigation from previous generation.
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