Five Popular Employee Training Methods

Whatever industry you are in, it is important to keep your employees’ skills up-to-date. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide your employees with regular training opportunities. Consider these five popular employee training methods.

1. Instructor-led Training

Sometimes you can not replace the value of a good instructor when it comes to learning highly technical skills such as data center training. This type of training can be conducted in an off-site classroom setting or your workplace. One of the benefits of this training method is that instructors are available to provide immediate feedback and answer questions for students. Additionally, instructors can adapt the course material and teaching methods to best suit the needs and learning styles of the students.

2. Interactive Training

In an interactive training environment, students are given activities, such as puzzles, quizzes, games or simulations that allow them to learn, while also actively interacting with the educational materials, rather than just consuming text or watching a video. This type of training can help keep students engaged in the material they are learning and improve retention of the material taught. 

3. Hands-On Training

Hands-on training methods focus on practical applications of the skills being taught. This training method allows employees to immediately see how the skills they are learning apply to the tasks they perform on the job. Like interactive training, hands-on training has been shown to increase engagement and retention. However, some employees may not be comfortable with diving right into a task without some other form of instruction first. 

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications utilize devices such as smartphones and tablets to enhance objects in the real world. This form of training combines the benefits of traditional interactive and hands-on training with supplemental educational materials, such as audio, video and text. 

5. Self-Paced Instruction

Self-paced instruction is a learning format that allows employees to work through the material at their own pace. This method is one of the easiest to use if you have a large number of employees to train at the same time or need to train employees who are located in different geographic regions or work from their homes. It has the benefits of not being restricted to a certain place and time and of allowing students to progress at their own pace. 

Continuing training and education is vital for keeping employees’ skills sharp. These five training methods can help you improve your workforce.