Understanding DAS

Nowadays, it appears as if there are an endless amount of innovative concepts reaching the marketplace. During the late 2000s, both social media and smartphones completely changed the way society engages with the world. Technological change on this level creates a ripple effect throughout the world, and it is difficult to disrupt. With this said, there are still innovative offerings in the marketplace that do not often receive national attention. One of these concepts involves distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and its association with fiber optics. Since this is undoubtedly a niche product, understanding how these technologies works have a wide variety of applications for specific businesses.

Technical Understanding of DAS

When businesses receive a presentation about DAS, it is often referred to as a means of measuring acoustic interactions throughout the entirety of a particular fiber optic cable. DAS technology is primarily used for transferring large amounts of data simultaneously at incredibly high speeds. When thinking of what 5G is going to bring the table soon, this type of technology could prove very useful over time. While it will most likely remain in the backdrop of society due to its sophisticated nature, it will surely help the transfer of data in a more interconnected world. Transferring large amounts of data between companies will become more common over time.