What Services Can An E-Presentment Company Offer?

Although defined broadly, e-presentment is basically the process of delivering paper documents in an electronic format. Typically, e-presentment services involve the presentation of documents online. Companies that provide e-presentment services help their clients in many ways, including by reducing waste that would have resulted from printing documents. If you’re searching for an e-presentment company to assist you in document delivery, it’s important to learn more about what services they can offer you. Here are several of them:

1. Design.

One of the services that an e-presentment company can offer is design. Companies like Lanvera specialize in providing clients with all of the following services:

• Templates that can be customized to complement your company’s graphics
• Navigation control for marketing and compliance
• Marketing material
• Profile changes
• Unlimited links to your company’s product pages and/or third party platforms

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2. Access And Security.

In addition to offering design services, e-presentment companies can provide their clients with access and security assistance. These services can include a wide range of things, including a full security system, single sign-on interfaces, and round-the-clock self-service activation.

3. Document Presentment.

The best e-presentment companies offer high quality document services on all of your documents, whether they are generated by the company itself or created by your organization’s staff. Document presentment services include things like high quality PDF documents that contain embedded links to check delivery tickets, images, etc. Services also include developing mobile versions of the document, including views of important business summaries. Finally, the most efficient e-presentment companies offer HTML transaction services.

4. Personalized Marketing.

Ensuring that your company remains in a state of perpetual growth is contingent upon your ability to effectively market the organization’s products and services. E-presentment companies are pleased to provide a plethora of effective marketing services to help you optimize this aspect of the growth process. Some of the marketing services offered will include video clips, marketing materials like newsletters and inserts, links to the company’s promotional pages, custom email, and navigation control.

5. Admin And Reports.

E-presentment companies can offer a plethora of admin and reports services, some of which include:

• Full statistics outlining use of the site
• Downloadable profile updates
• Customer tracking by time and date


If you run a company and are interested in pushing it forward, it’s important to note that attaining high quality e-presentment services can help you realize your goal. To get a thorough understanding of how these companies can help build your business, review the data outlined above. In so doing, you can determine whether investing in customized e-presentment services would be advantageous and ideal for your growth.

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