Versatility in Payment Processing Can Help Increase Sales

When it comes to your eCommerce payment solution, versatile methods can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Many people will not shop at an online store unless their preferred method of payment is accepted. In order to accommodate as many consumers as possible, you need a cart that can handle a wide range of methods for accepting money. This is true whether you are selling single pieces of merchandise or charging customers a reoccurring debt for services or subscriptions.


The right web site shopping cart will allow your customers to choose the payment method that best suits the individual. As there are many available methods, providing those solutions is ideal for any eCommerce site. Whether you’re accepting credit cards, cash on delivery, checks or other online payment methods, your solution needs to have that versatility to process money from those customers.

Providing safety and security for your patrons can help those individuals feel safe when shopping on your website. Some shopping cart solutions can be set to require the CVV2 security code number on the back of a credit or debit card. This reduces the use of stolen credit and debit card numbers being used to purchase goods. It also helps insure that customers have physical possession of the card that is being used.

While you may hope for the best for your online store, the criminal element will eventually browse your website. With the right shopping cart, you can reduce fraudulent activity due to the declined payments that are processed. Depending on the payment gateway, transaction fees may still be incurred from those trying to use rejected credit or debit cards. Settings within the system will allow you to set how many declined transactions are allowed by an individual before the person’s IP address used for Internet access is banned from access your site. Sometimes people could enter in the wrong credit card number or may not realize the money is not available in those accounts. Others may try to use canceled cards to purchase goods in the hopes to defraud your business.

Regardless of the merchandise or services you offer on your eCommerce website, the right shopping cart can make all of the difference in your success. Make sure you have the tools and capabilities to maximize the potential or your business. You and your customers should feel confident with the shopping cart that is being used for processing payments.