How to get Attractive Ford Finance Packages for Cars & Vans

Whether you’re looking for a new ford vehicle or just looking to get attractive ford finance packages for cars & vans.  Ford finance packages helped millions of Ford customers in the UK to buy their vehicles by providing products and services that are accessible and affordable. Ford finance offering a quick and easy way to get a new car on the road, a finance deal from Ford provides buyers with peace of mind and the guarantee that they are getting one of the most competitive prices on the market. Ford finance dealer can support you in the purchase of any new or approved used Ford with a Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire agreement, and they also able to provide a number of Ford options for financing directly from the manufacturer.


If you’d like to know more about any of our hire and purchase plans from ford, then this article help you very much. Personal Leasing describes an arrangement whereby a private individual pays a fixed monthly fee to a car leasing company in order to use the vehicle for a set number of years and within agreed mileage parameters. 

Personal Contract Hire – Benefits:

  • Fixed monthly payments which make it easier to manage the total cost of motoring
  • Flexible contracts which can be built around your individual circumstances and requirements
  • Servicing, maintenance, breakdown and recovery can all be included within the monthly fee
  • No need to worry about negative vehicle equity

As with Business Contract Hire, the vehicle remains the property of a leasing company and is simply hired back to you. The vehicle rental price is based on how long you wish to use the vehicle for and how many miles will be driven each year. In essence, the amount you pay each month depends on how much the leasing company will be able to sell the vehicle for when you hand it back at the end of the contract.

Business Contract Hire – Benefits:

  • Control costs with a fixed monthly payment throughout the contract
  • Term and mileage parameters based on your individual circumstances
  • Spread the cost of servicing, maintenance, breakdown and recovery
  • Eliminate depreciation risks with off balance sheet accounting

Personal Leasing has become increasingly popular in recent years because the finance company take all of the risk and you simply pay a pre-agreed amount which covers the use of the vehicle and any additional options such as a vehicle breakdown, service or maintenance.

In Personal Contract Purchase, a fixed monthly fee is paid for the use of a vehicle over a set period of time and within an agreed mileage bracket. At the end of the contract you can hand the vehicle back or pay a balloon payment and take full ownership.The main difference to Contract Hire can be seen when the agreement comes to an end. Rather than simply handing back the car or van, there is an option to purchase the vehicle for a pre-agreed amount. However, purchasing the vehicle is not compulsory and you can still return the vehicle and walk away if you wish. For business contract purchase also having same procedure.

A qualified Business dealer can offer you expert advice on a number of ways to finance your Ford, finding you a financial package that will best fit your unique needs.

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