How secure is your phone?

It is incredible to see how technology has rapidly developed over the past 10 years – from bulky mobile phones and slow-loading Amstrad PCs, we now have sleek, fast devices which enable us to a whole range of things like take photos and play games. It is interesting to imagine where technology will be in another decade.

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Most of us struggle to go just one day without our phones, whether it’s to check Facebook, do some tweeting or even just play some games at android. We rely greatly on our phones, even using them to do online shopping, send emails and do our online banking. There is a lot of private information stored on our phones which is why it is important we keep them safe and secure. So now it’s time to ask yourself: how secure is my phone?Below are a few tips to help improve the security on your device.

Keep your device updated

Allowing your phone to update apps and software not only gives you the latest features, but it also enhances your phone’s security walls. When software updates, it’s often fixing flaws or improving elements of the programme which heightens the security on your phone.

Install a security app

You can make sure your device is extra safe by installing a security app. The application will safeguard your data and protect you against viruses and threats, as well as locating your lost or stolen phone.

Be careful when using public WIFI

If you want to do some online shopping or transfer some money into your bank account, then always do it via your own private, secure WIFI hub rather than a public connection. You have no idea how secure public WIFI is, so it is certainly not worth taking the risk.

Always download apps from a trusted source

It is very important you download applications from a trusted source such as the Google Play Store or the iTunes store. Never trust third party apps because it could contain a virus.

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