Download Bulk Images from The Internet Using The Image Collector

Do you want to download bulk images from the Internet, lots of pictures. Best of all? When you are browsing on the internet and visit the websites which has many images, do you have an experience that want to download all them bulk and quickly? Then this post helps you to do it. The Image Collector is an application that has been designed to allow the quick viewing, categorization  and downloading of images from a range of web services.

The Image Collector downloader is an incredible program. It works out of the box and the developer’s are making sure that it stays that way. It is definitely one of the easiest and most convenient image downloader for you. The Image Collector is a free application for Windows. It currently supports four different Internet sites where images are posted and uploaded.

Image Collector

The Image Collector allows you to choose the web service you would like to download from, fetches the latest available images and displays their thumbnails in a scrollable grid. You can then left-click an image to download and display its full version; if you want to keep that image, middle-click on it and it will be downloaded to the selected category.

You can configure categories and link each category to a folder on your system. Images can then be downloaded into a category by selecting the category with a left-click, a right-click on a photo and the selection of Download All from the context menu. There is no need to wait for images to complete downloading before viewing and downloading more.

Download The Image Collector from developer site

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