Nokia HERE Maps – New Nokia Maps Application for iOS and Android

This week Nokia Announces Nokia HERE Maps App for iOS and Android, features offline navigation support with voice. The HTML5 based HERE maps for iOS and Android will offer offline mode, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, along with public transportation and driving directions. Nokia recently acquired a 3D Imaging company called Earthmine, whose services are being used by HERE. Nokia HERE will include 3D maps and offline mode for mobile devices. Nokia is also partnering with Mozilla for using HERE maps on their Firefox OS. Nokia has already been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval.

Here is Some Main Features of HERE

  • Public Transportation Routes: As iOS user, leaving aside the quality of the map data to iOS 6, one of the things I disliked the change to the new maps was losing the public transport routes . Nokia Here will have seen them and how well they work on Windows Phone Nokia Transport functionality promise.
  • Maps offline: For a long time one of the outstanding features in Google Maps. With an area Nokia Here you can choose to download it and make it available offline so useful on trips or on phones that do not have a data connection for whatever reason.
  • Voice address for hiking: Perhaps the least interesting of all, but still innovative as it is usually only a limited role when we use it in the car.
  • Data in the cloud, regardless of device or browser, all our routes, markers and to do items are synchronized with Nokia account.

Currently you can access HERE from your mobile or desktop browser by visiting We’ve tested it out on an iPad, an Android mobile and a desktop computer. We found it is better than Apple Maps. Nokia will also be offering Android developers access to HERE Maps API, allowing them to integrate the service with their apps. The API will made available to developers in the next months.

We’ll let you know as and when HERE releases, so stay connected!

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