Access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora from Outside the US Using Media Hint

If you really like services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora  for best online streaming services with and without subscriptions. If you’re outside the US then you will not get access to these streaming services because of your location. These streaming services are currently available only inside the United States, possibly due to licensing agreements, and anyone accessing outside the U.S. is redirected to the restricted page. Normally users from outside the U.S. using some sort of a proxy server or a VPN to fake a US IP address and getting access to these sites. Now there is a new add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers that allows you to access these services from anywhere in the world.

Media Hint is a new extension for browser like Google Chrome and Firefox that provides you with access to services such as Hulu, Netflix or Pandora from any country. You can get this Media Hint add-on from its website where you can select extension for both Google Chrome extension and the Mozilla Firefox add-on. Just install the extension and start streaming. There’s absolutely no need of any configuration in this add-on.

Media Hint accessing these sites from outside US using a proxy script on their website. When you install Media Hint add-on, it automatically makes changes in Firefox and Chrome to use a proxy script which selectively applies the proxy to only Netflix, Hulu and Pandora URLs only.

Download and install Media Hint add-on

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