– Universal File Search Engine

There are many file sharing sites exists online, which we can use to download our desired file. But all those sites are bound with download link options, and wrapped by nasty sponsor links to earn some bucks.  But today I’m going to share a very easy-to-use, and user friendly file sharing site, which offers lots of download links for each file, and all of the above don’t wrap the download links with very annoying sponsored ads.

The site that I am talking is known as file search engine aka, where you can find music’s, videos, softwares etc that you can think of. Since the volume of informations cluttered on search engines, one cannot find a file which is based on download link or they redirected to sponsored links. In this case file search engines are better way to use and download the exact files.
Some features of general files that differentiate it from other file sharing sites, and also the reasons why everybody loves general files.

Users can Easily Download Any Files

If you are in search of any specific file then general files have a very accurate search feature for you which is known as free rapidshare downloader aka general downloader, where you can find your file instantly and download it quickly. And also all files at general files are very well placed in categories and you can download the files through free file directory or so called according to its popularity.
You can visit any specific category to see what you are looking for like: if you are looking for some interesting eBooks to read, then general-files have a very specific section dedicated to eBooks.
Once you found your desired file, then next thing that you want is, to get the file in your computer, right. General files offers lots of downloads links for single files, so getting your desired file into your computer will be no big issue.

Huge Database Of files

Right now general files hold 770 million files, and they still keep on increasing the figures very rapidly. Right now there are over 200 million satisfied users using to download the files everything they want.
If you want to download any specific files, then just visit to, to see what it contains and how easy is to use general-files.