New Features and Fixes in Firefox 10

Mozilla recently announced that the Mozilla Firefox 10 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download. You can download yours now for testing, experimenting, and just enjoying the latest update to one of the most powerful browsers in the world. There is many new features added to newly arrived Firefox 10.


What is New in Firefox 10

Firefox added new forward button that remains hidden until you navigate back. It also improved add-on support and old version add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default. Anti-Aliasing for WebGL is now implemented. Also Firefox 10 support CSS3 3D-Transforms. Another new feature is Full Screen APIs, that allow you to build a web application that runs full screen. Inspect tool with content highlighting, includes new CSS Style Inspector. Mozilla also fixed issue with Mac OS X after installing the latest Java release from Apple, Firefox may crash when closing a tab with a Java applet installed. Firefox version 10 also added an “Extended Support Release,” which allows the companies to install Firefox without it updating quite so often as everyone else’s browser. This will help system admins do not need to worry about updating a new version of the browser every six weeks.

The new Firefox 10 brings new features, along with a large number of bug fixes. One of the main feature with Firefox 10 has improved add-on support. By default all the add-ons are compatible except the binary ones.

If you have previous version of Firefox will get this as a silent update. If you are not using Firefox or it’s not installed on your computer can download Firefox 10 from here

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