How to Protect from Internet Addiction

In the present world internet is the biggest technology platform as it provides information related to entertainment, education, politics, and business. It has become the basic need of human life as it is associated with communication and work. Internet also acts as a library for young people as they can easily get the required eBooks. It has provided wider scope to people to communicate through social networking irrespective of their location. But the excess use of internet can lead to addiction and it can be serious if not checked on time. According to a study in US one in every 25 teens are addicted to internet. 

You can prevent yourself from the internet addiction through:

  • You can always maintain a time frame for surfing the internet. So that you can easily manage time for other activities.
  • Usually people try to escape from their present problem and that is why that spent most of their time in internet. It is better to understand the situation and tackle it rather than avoiding it.
  • Spend some quality time with the friends and family so that you can avoid the usage of internet. 
  • Try to involve yourself in your hobbies and make something exciting out of it. This would help you to reduce time spent on internet and help you to enhance your creativity.
  • You can call people and talk to them over phone rather than sending instant messages and chatting through internet.
  • Spend more time in the library and search for the desired answer rather than searching it in Google.
  • Face to face interaction is always beneficial rather than information available in the internet.

Internet can fulfill your requirements and can be really helpful at times. It is a convenient process through which you can acquire information. But internet keeps you aloof from the real world as you can only gain knowledge through it rather than experiencing it. Though our lives depend on the internet but it should be avoided at certain time.

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