[Review] Facebook with Skype Vs Google+ Hangout

Facebook announced rolling out Skype integration into their chat service and a new look for their chat client with group chats. Facebook’s Skype video chat allows you to make only one-to-one video calls. Because Skype is charging on group video calls. Google Hangouts allows to setup video calls for up to 10 simultaneous users, and it’s free. The main video stream is automatically switched depending on who is talking at the moment. Here we made one comparison between Facebook with Skype and Google with Hangout.

Facebook with Skype

– Only person-to-person.

– Group messaging.

– Doesn’t notify you of a call, unlike Skype stand alone.

– No group video chat.

– Can’t talk outside of Facebook friends.

– The screen stays on top and making difficult to take other tabs.

– No notification for incoming calls.

– Video quality is fair

Google+ Hangout

– Circles make organization easy.

– Hangouts (up to 10 people in one video chat).

– Group video chat.

– Group chat.

– One on one video chat.

– Chat integrated into most Google products (gmail, android, etc.)

– Group watch a Youtube video.

– Chat focuses on the person talking.

– Fair video quality

– Doesn’t have the integration of the Google apps yet.

– Doesn’t have 750 million users like Facebook.

Overall, this new features from Facebook and Skype doesn’t seem as impressive as Google Hangouts, Because the lack of group video calling. In my review I found Goolge+ Hangout is better. What you think ?

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