The Brand New SUV Audi Q3

The AUDI has announced the launching of new SUV in Indian market, Q3. The all new Q3 is small in size than the very big Q5. And Audi India is aiming to pinch the markets of HONDA, BMW, and CHEVORLET. The car is muscular and beautiful in all the angles. The scooping look from the front gives the sporty look for the SUV. The car is 250mm less in length than the Q5.

The interior of the car is not less than any luxury car. The arrangement of the seats and steering position is so ergonomically made. The entry and exit of the car is too easy in the same way when compared to the other SUV. The storage place in the rear is not much appreciative but for the sub told length it is really ambient. The passengers can have an easy smooth travelling independent to the road. The suspension system of the AUDI is guaranteeing that. Four-link rear suspension with separate spring/shock absorber arrangement gives the vehicle all smooth drive.

The car is available in two petrol mode and the diesel mode both attractive in its way. The 211hp 2.0litre turbo petrol engine and 177hp 2.0litre turbo diesel engine.

The very diesel engine is capable of producing a torque of 38.7kgm. And the 177hp powered engine can cruise into a speed of 100kph in 8.2seconds. The inline 4 cylinder VTG turbocharger, TDI direct injection engine is highly efficient and very responsive to accelerator, little noisy if u feel about it just ignore it because its diesel.

Technical data (Diesel Turbo)

Engine                 : Inline 2.0l 4 cylinder diesel with VTG turbocharger, TDI

Power output     : 174bhp@4200rpm

Torque                 : 38.74kgm 1800rpm

Transmission       : 7 speed S tronic DCT

Tyres                    : 245/ 65R16

Length                 : 4385mm

Width                   : 1831mm

Height                  : 1602mm

Price                     : Rs.30Lakhs ( Indian Price )

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